The Story of Eden


The Herbalist & his Journey

Nature & assisting in the healing process of others is my greatest passion in life. Since 1999, I have studied native & non-native medicinal plants in Santa Barbara. I have been performing herbal extractions & infusions for topical & internal use for over the past 20 years. To this day, I continue to learn as much as I can about natural healing, edible plants and their healing benefits. I presently study under Herbalist & Ethnobotanist, Lanny Kaufer. Lanny gained his knowledge from Author, Healer & Spiritual Leaders Juanita Centeno & Cecilia Garcia of the Chumash tribe. Another teacher I have had the honor of learning from is Professor James D. Adams Jr.

My knowledge of medical plants is an integral part of the products that I develop for Eden’s Cure. Our company’s products possess medicinal herbs & extracts that increase, as well intensify the effectiveness of CBD and/or THC.  In 2017, I received an award from the Hightimes Cup for one of our CBD hard candies called Peaches & Dream. My award-winning CBD edible contains native California Poppy extract to aid in sleep along with several other beneficial, healing ingredients. This is just one example of how nature inspires me immensely & how I apply it to all of my products. I have had the honor of winning additional awards for other Eden’s Cure products. In 2016 I received a Hightimes Cannabis Cup award for Best CBD Topical. That same year I received a Best Infused Product award for our fan favorite, CBD Lip Balm.

Every day I continue to learn & expand my knowledge on holistic healing. I collaborate with local doctors & naturopaths at an exclusive Doctors Roundtable group, hosted by established author & doctor David Bearman, M.D. Dr. Bearman places his focus on the positive, medicinal effects cannabis has on cancer patients as well as its benefits towards other ailments. In these meetings, we discuss topics such as the effectiveness of CBD and/or THC, we explore the answers to questions involving proper dosing & dose application, we discuss the benefits of CBD vs. THC along with many other vital industry topics.

I have put my heart, soul & knowledge into every one of Eden’s Cure products. I feel so grateful to live in this beautiful paradise I call home & continue to be in awe with every butterfly & flower I see. I will never lose my curiosity or passion & I am beyond grateful to be living in Santa Barbara, CA, my very own Eden.